Personal Hypertext Report #10

change_instructions_navigator_1 Mockup

With the change tracking text editor completed in its first stage, I can imagine that a lot of people can’t make a lot of use with the XML output it produces. In order to extend it to a full writing system, I currently look into programming a „change instruction navigator“, which is planned to have a rich editor control for the additions to be highlighted in green and the deletions to be highlighted in red. Two buttons at the bottom should allow the navigation backwards and forwards in history. There could be an option to jump to a specific instruction, and another button (optional) to select a specific version. On calling the program, one could immediately jump to a specific change instruction.

I think I’ll keep a stream object on the file which will lock it, and realized that the Java StAX API doesn’t allow to move backwards, so I’m looking into developing „Reverse StAX“, and to make things easier, I try to start a C++ reference implementation to later port it to Java, based on my existing CppStAX code. This will delay work on the navigator, but I’m not willing to keep all the instructions in memory, so I hope that it is worthwile to invest into more powerful XML tooling.

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