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The BAC Programming Language

Welcome to the BAC Language, which isn’t a programming language yet, or ever. The syntax and concept is not my invention, but stolen from somebody who didn’t want to be remembered in history and is also not alive any more. All the books about it are long out of print, so I simply try to implement one limited description of a bunch of its features, therefore BAC may show differences in comparison to the original inspiration. The implementation is even more off, caused by lazy repurposing of other code I happened to have. As I’m writing parsers for some domain-specific languages (text-oriented formats) anyway, it turned out to be a relatively small step to advance into developing an interpreter potentially for an interactive programming environment. Maybe a little bit like LISP or Smalltalk? Not crazy enough to consider writing a compiler.

See the repository of the quick & dirty initial variants. Find out more about my other activities on the Web-site, in the videos, on GitLab of course and in the feed (or its archive).